• Date2024. 02. 01

After a year’s worth of Early Access development, the 1.0 release expands the universe with rich storytelling and diverse characters!

After more than a year of dedicated Early Access development, Unknown Worlds (developers of the Subnautica series), in collaboration with KRAFTON, is excited to announce the launch ofMoonbreaker 1.0 on Steam for PC and Mac.

Moonbreaker is a turn-based tabletop tactics game set in a sci-fi universe conceived by author Brandon Sanderson. The game features dozens of customizable Captain and Crew Units, rich lore, and powerful miniature painting tools – all designed for the digital era. Moonbreaker brings a new dimension to tabletop gaming, appealing to both strategy enthusiasts and sci-fi fans.

The release of Version 1.0 is a testament to the invaluable support and feedback Unknown Worlds received from the game’s community. The result is an exceptional and novel gaming experience that blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual play. While the full slate of updates introduced with 1.0 can be found here, see below for the highlights.

Introducing New Captains and Expanded Crew Roster

Moonbreaker 1.0 welcomes three new Captains from diverse cultures, ready to revolutionize your strategic gameplay:

  • Feng Huang, specializing in solo combat and armed with unique explosive and mobility abilities.

  • Saveri, a formidable duelist capable of disarming and outmaneuvering opponents.

  • Sol’Aeturn, who brings electrifying tactics with his Catalyst and ranged attacks.

Twelve new Crew members from familiar and novel cultures have been added to the game, enhancing strategic options and gameplay diversity. These Crew members bring a fresh dynamic to battles, offering new tactics and challenges.

Enhanced Single-Player Experience: Boss Run Mode

The update introduces Boss Run, an evolved single-player mode that builds on Cargo Run. It features 10 challenging rounds across four new, environmentally varied maps: Cholek Plateaus, Methedori Broken Outskirts, Smuggler Sundown, and Yi-Aweti Temple Ground. Players can explore and unlock the game’s lore while facing a series of formidable Boss opponents.

Creative Possibilities in Paint Mode

Moonbreaker 1.0’s improved Paint Mode, with its refreshed UI and new tools like stencils and masking liquids, allows players to express their creativity. Share custom designs and import unique paint jobs found within the community, adding a personalized touch to the gameplay.

Exciting Rewards and Cosmetic Upgrades

The Rewards track continues in Moonbreaker 1.0, offering players an opportunity to unlock unique cosmetic items like profile icons, crests, decals, banners, and paint sets to personalize their experience. Additionally, The Death Bot Extilior skin, previously available during Early Access, is now part of an exclusive Cosmetic Pack DLC.

Join the Moonbreaker community on Discord and follow the latest updates on Community engagement and feedback have been pivotal in shaping Moonbreaker’s journey to 1.0, and Unknown Worlds is thrilled to share this milestone with players globally.

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