gamescom 2024

Meet KRAFTONat gamescom 2024!

From August 21 to 25, 2024, gamescom 2024, the world’s largest game show, will be held in Cologne, Germany.

At gamescom 2024, KRAFTON will showcase extraction RPG Dark and Darker Mobile, PC life sim inZOI and new content for iconic battle royale shooter PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, offering visitors a firsthand experience of its upcoming titles and updates.

KRAFTON is preparing a booth under the theme “Scale-up the Creative” strategy, which aims to discover new excitement in games and effectively expand into the global market. Visitors to KRAFTON’s booths will have the opportunity to experience hands-on demos of the featured games, including Dark and Darker Mobile and inZOI, as well as participate in various events.


  • Dark and Darker Mobile

    The upcoming extraction RPG mobile game Dark and Darker Mobile challenges players to escape from dungeons where they’ll face fearsome threats and try to escape with their treasure. The game combines the “survival” aspect of the battle royale genre, the “exploration” of dungeon crawlers and various elements of RPGs. A global test is set for early August in key markets including Korea, the United States, Japan, and Türkiye, with a planned global launch later this year.

  • inZOI

    inZOI is a life simulation game where the player takes on the role of a god, creating anything they desire to live out their ideal life while engaging in different stories. “Comprehensive public simulation” of every character in the city, who all act of their own free will, allows events like sickness, trends, and gossip to occur, giving the player a realistic experience.


    Celebrating its 7th Anniversary, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS continues to captivate players worldwide. Since its Steam Early Access release in 2017, the game has achieved remarkable milestones, including a daily peak of 760,000 concurrent users on Steam, surpassing the numbers at the time of its transition to free-to-play in 2022, and maintaining Platinum rating in the Steam categories for best-selling and most-played games for seven consecutive years.