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Realistic Next-Gen Graphics on Mobile

  • Players can experience a new milestone in mobile graphics and optimization in NEW STATE MOBILE.
  • Utilizing customized graphic rendering technology (Global Illumination, Auto Exposure, and more), NEW STATE MOBILE features high-end realistic graphics that take mobile games to the next level. 
  • Built and optimized for mobile play, players will experience breathtaking graphics and high frame rates, which will immerse them in battlegrounds that are realistic and intense, but more importantly, smooth and stable.

Realistic Action and Gunplay, Just Like PUBG on PC

  • The game recreates the original PUBG PC experience that fans have grown to love and evolves it for a brand-new experience.
  • NEW STATE MOBILE implements the same quality of realistic action animations and gunplay mechanics as PUBG on PC.
  • The application of ADS collimating and ballistics systems in-game make gunfights all the more realistic and intense.
  • From the controls and to the response systems, no comprises were made despite its optimization for mobile play.

Enhanced Battle Royale

  • In NEW STATE MOBILE, players can get a battle royale experience that rivals PUBG on PC.
  • Players will have access to a variety of original content that is exclusive to NEW STATE MOBILE, such as the Drone Store system, Green Flare Guns, and more.
  • Players can join up with friends using new and enhanced co-op features to take on the battlegrounds together!
  • Players can also explore massive environments with a variety of new vehicles and obtain weapon customization kits that allow them to enhance their weapons.

Original Map “Troi” – The Sequel to PUBG

  • Players will drop into Troi, a new and exclusive battleground set in the year 2051.
  • The map will give further insight into the PUBG Universe by expanding on the era of the Collapse
  • The map features a large, 8km-by-8km open world that players can explore freely.
  • With 10 landmarks in Troi, there will be no shortages of epic showdowns; players can use these to come up with new ways and strategies to dominate the competition. 
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