We create fun, high-quality games faster than anyone else.

Our focus is on the game’s core essence, “FUN”. Once we are convinced that this will be a fun game, we will make it, regardless of the genre or platform. We never compromise with quality. As a game developer, it is our undeniable duty to make games tuned to perfection. Nevertheless, fast execution is always important. We believe the key to success in the rapidly changing game industry is continuing to make games, while outpacing the competition.

We want to make a game that can touch someone’s heart oneday.

The reason we decided to go beyond playing games and become developers ourselves, is that we found value in games beyond the fun. We think there is more to games than being an enjoyable craft. Through games, we believe we can change people, and perhaps even the world. After building a strong foundation as game developers, we will continue to focus on our goal: to make a game that can move someone’s heart.