KRAFTON JUNGLE was launched to alleviate the software engineer shortage problem in the industry and create jobs for youths by training the young workforce for a career path as a software professional.

Based on the curriculum for KAIST’s non-degree course “Software Academy Jungle,” KRAFTON JUNGLE provides an opportunity to participate in immersive experiences, self-directed learning, and team-based collaboration over five months.
Starting with the 1st program of 60 participants in October 2022, it plans to continuously train developers with a foundation in fundamentals by expanding the program in phases to 1,000 participants per year.

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KRAFTON JUNGLE will take place in a five-month training to impart core knowledge in computer science and fundamental skills to immediately enter into the field.
Participants will learn from algorithms to operating system with projects to experience service planning, establishment and improvement in immersive learning of over 100 hours per week, designed to induce high-intensity learning and growth.

The People We Want for KRAFTON JUNGLE

Developers who push through until the end

Those who stick with tasks until the end with the persistence to fully solve a problem and the patience to endure the debugging process

Developers who want to work together

Those who know how to resolve complex problems by working together with colleagues of diverse personalities

Developers who grow independently

Those who can achieve independent, sustainable growth based on self-directed learning


We are looking for youths aged from 22 to 32 who dream of a career in software development, with a focus on those with STEM education and the capacity for logical thinking.


Transition to Computer-based Thinking (4 weeks): Data structures, algorithms

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of computer science by solving problems in teams.

Preparing for an Adventure (3 weeks)Red-black tree, Malloc Lab, web servers

In this course, you’ll learn to code in C by creating red-black trees, Malloc Labs, and web servers, thereby preparing for the upcoming operating system project.

To the End of the Jungle (6 weeks)Computer structures, C language, operating systems

Through the operating system project, you’ll learn the operating mechanisms of programs.

Forging Your Own Weapon (5 weeks)Immersive project development and launch

Each team will choose their own stack and theme, develop and launch a project consisting of a service targeting customers, and make improvements.

A Leap of Faith into the World (1 week)Job applications, project improvements

At this stage, you’ll write your cover letter for job applications and submit applications to our partner companies. While undertaking job interviews, you’ll also work on further developing your project.