PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 28.1 Update Introduces Co-op Climbing and the Game’s First Electric Vehicle

  • Date2024. 02. 08

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 7 February, 2024 – Today KRAFTON has launched the latest update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Update 28.1 further expands the game’s newest map, Rondo, with the addition of an electric vehicle, and also adds co-op climbing and other general gameplay improvements.

Rondo: Experience the First Electric Vehicle in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS
Rondo, the latest addition to the diverse roster of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS maps, will now allow players to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle with the debut of the Pico Bus. Unlike traditional vehicles, the bus is powered by batteries, and must be refilled at a charging station.

Gameplay Updates: Vaulting, Co-op Climb, and More
Co-op Climb will allow players to collaborate and overcome obstacles together, by being able to lift and even pull up a teammate to higher spots. Vaulting mechanics have also received a boost with the ability to vault onto vehicles, fostering new strategies and more dynamic movement.

Market Enhancements: New Items and Adjustments
Players will be able to buy two additional healing items from Rondo’s Market – the First Aid Kit and Energy Drink. Additionally, the Weapons Dealer has undergone a transformation, bidding farewell to the Vector and welcoming new weapons such as the QBZ, AKM, M249, and more.

Utility Belt Removal and Gunplay Adjustments
In response to player feedback, the Utility Belt is set to be removed in the upcoming March update. Gunplay has also received adjustments with modifications to weapons such as the JS9 and shotguns, for a more balanced gameplay experience.

For full patch notes, please visit KRAFTON’s website here.

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