The Most Widely Desired
Mobile Game Provider

Our dream is to entertain many people by playing games.
We starve to make games where anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy them.
We hope anyone (regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and so on) can learn easily and enjoy our games.

Instead of making games that completely hook players in for a short period of time, we want our players to grow together with our games long-term.
Not only do we want our players with our games for the long run, but we also want them to experience the same kind of joy that they had when first starting the games.

We do not just want to be another developer; instead, we want to become a provider.
From the planning stage of a new game to the players playing that game, we will do our best to design and provide the best game experience for players.

We Want to Provide Players With a Unique Experience

Even if we make a simple game, we want there to be an excitement factor to it.
Here, we do not emphasize on extraordinary and fancy graphics.
Instead, we focus on the quality of the gameplay experience and the value of playing time.

However, not just anybody is able to know the answer or secret to this formula.

The process of making a game is similar to finding hidden puzzle pieces one-by-one in a market.
By observing the market to learn and improve endlessly, we are continuously putting in the effort to connect the puzzle pieces together.
Progressing through all of the steps, our team has become sturdier by learning and growing together.

In order for our challenges to have meaning and value in a timely manner, we will work towards being a studio that can grow together with its audience.