• Date2023. 12. 14

The update ushers in an exciting new era for the beloved MMORPG from Bluehole Studio and KRAFTON

TERA Console‘s latest update (112.01) is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, ushering in an exciting new era for the beloved MMORPG from Bluehole Studio and KRAFTON. The centerpiece of the update is the Season 11 Battle Pass, which is running now through March 7, 2024. Players should also expect dungeon and quest updates, enhancements to equipment and accessories, class balance changes, and more. See below for the highlights or check out the full 112.01 update patch notes HERE.

Season 11 Battle Pass 

The new Battle Pass is here to elevate players’ gaming experiences with a range of incredible rewards. Players can look forward to acquiring High Training Books, All Dungeon Reset Scrolls, and the chic Starglow Weapon and Costume Boxes, along with the dazzling Sparkling Ice Magic Box, among other exciting items. For those opting for the Battle Pass PLUS, an instant boost to level 50 awaits, along with a collection of special rewards. These rewards encompass Elite Status Gold, the potent Bracelet of Absolute Equilibrium, and a variety of exclusive items, tailor-made to enhance the TERA Console experience.

Dungeon and Quest Updates 

Dungeon enthusiasts will be excited to know that the ‘Rampaging RK-9 Kennel’ is now open for players with an equipment level of 475. In contrast, ‘Cursed Antaroth’s Abyss’ has been removed from the leaderboard list. Accessibility improvements come to ‘Ravenous Gorge’ with a lowered recommended equipment level and tweaked boss monster difficulty. The update also enhances the questing experience by introducing an ‘Important’ category for crucial missions, marked with a purple icon and an emphasized title in the quest journal.

Equipment and Accessory Enhancements 

This update significantly reduces the cost and materials needed for ‘Stormcry Gear’ enchantments and upgrades, easing the process of gear enhancement. In addition, the cost of upgrading Superior Accessories has been notably reduced, providing players with a more accessible path to boosting their equipment.

Class Balance Changes 

Several classes will see impactful balance changes. Warriors gain a new abnormality with the Poison Blade skill, which boosts attack speed for them and their allies. Sorcerers will experience a modification to the Hail Storm Glyph of Keen Nova, now enhancing Crit Factor. Slayers will notice adjusted damage for skills like Measured Slice and Punishing Blow. Priests are given a boost with an increased target range for Ishara’s Lullaby.

Pet System Enhancements 

The update introduces a pet adventure feature, allowing pets of Uncommon grade or higher to go on adventures, returning with rewards. The higher the pet’s grade, the better the rewards. Also added is the ability for players to change their pets’ appearances while keeping their passives and names, adding more customization options for pet enthusiasts.

LAST STAND – Global Unified Leaderboard Event 

TERA Console is also hosting the “LAST STAND” Global Unified Leaderboard event, starting today and running until January 25, 2024. This event invites Guardians from all regions to compete and showcase their skills on a global stage. Participants can win exciting rewards, including Ultimate Training Books and Diamonds, with the top player receiving 20 Ultimate Training Books and 100 Diamonds. The full details can be found HERE.

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