KRAFTON Starts Early Access Test of “Defense Derby”

  • Date2023. 04. 27
  • The test lasts until May 11 on Google Play
  • Path of Guardian” and an event mode are added

RisingWings, an independent studio of KRAFTON, Inc., launched the early access test of its real-time strategy defense mobile game “Defense Derby.”

The early access test will run until May 11, and players can take part by downloading the game from Google Play. The test aims to gather feedback and enhance the game’s quality ahead of its official release.

Defense Derby showcases a new system and mode which was not available in last year’s global pre-release test version. First, the card acquisition method has been changed. At the beginning of each match, players will receive two cards from their selected deck and they can get an additional card when they kill a boss monster. Also, units can be merged during battles, allowing for a more strategic gameplay. A step-by-step growth system “Path of Guardian” is added to this early access test version as well. This system functions as a milestone, providing new goals and rewards to motivate players to maximize their enjoyment of the game. Players can go up the “Path of Guardian” depending on their derby points and league progression. Players can receive Hero/Unit cards, outer appearances of the castle and unlock content as rewards.

The event mode “Derby Free Fight – Mirror Match” is also available, allowing all players to play Derby with the same provided deck, enabling them to enjoy the game without being hindered by their own deck. Since every player must use the same deck, thrilling mental battles are anticipated.

“Defense Derby” is a strategy game in the Tower Defense genre that offers players a new level of fun with intense mind games and strong synergy effects among cards. In each round, four players get cards through scouting and form a deck to protect their castles from monsters until only one player remains. The game stands out with its scouting system, which leads players to guess the opponents’ next move and make a bold attempt and the strategic card deployment to create various synergy effects. As a result, players can enjoy more immersive gameplay experiences and palm-sweating mind games.

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