‘Kill The Crows’ plunges players into the fast-paced bloody action of Wild West shootouts in new demo from 5minlab

  • Date2023. 07. 19

5minlab, the KRAFTON team behind mobile hit ‘SMASH LEGENDS’, has released a demo of their new Wild West action game, ‘Kill The Crows,’ which includes a special unlock for ‘SMASH LEGENDS’ players.

In ‘Kill The Crows,’ players step into the dusty, spurred boots of a gunslinger named Isabella as she carves a path of bloody revenge across a twisted, lo-fi take on the Wild West. This is no ordinary Western tale, however. Our courageous heroine faces off against hordes of enemies that have all been transformed into crow-like creatures. The detail of that transformation is one of the mysteries players will explore as they delve deeper into the story.

The Wild West depicted in ‘Kill The Crows’ is an unforgiving world where even a single stray bullet can end Isabella’s journey without warning. This is a game where players must move and react quickly in order to stay alive and keep fighting as the screen becomes more and more crowded with foes and flying bullets. Isabella isn’t defenseless, however.

As Isabella, players can roll in any direction to quickly sidestep an incoming attack. The Wild West setting also provides plenty of opportunities to duck behind cover, which is especially useful for avoiding a hail of bullets. As players progress, optional objectives create new opportunities to upgrade Isabella’s arsenal with new firearms and skills.

Even from the start, however, Isabella’s revolvers are just as deadly as the ones firing in her direction, with standard shots taking out most threats – including bosses — in a single hit. Skillful play also fills up a “Showdown” meter which can be spent to deliver a special attack that allows players to temporarily freeze time, mark a group of targets, and take them all out at once. Showdown attacks end with Isabella’s revolver reloading automatically, allowing players to dive right back into the action.

The ‘Kill The Crows’ demo is now available for download on Steam, with a ‘SMASH LEGENDS’ coupon event running until August 1. Players who score 50 cumulative kills during the event will receive a redemption code that can be used in ‘SMASH LEGENDS’ to unlock 1,000 credits, 1 Special Enchantment Box and 1 limited edition event icon.

‘Kill The Crows’ is scheduled for an official release in August, and more details can be found on the Steam page and official Twitter account.

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