​​​​​​​Trinity Survivors Launches on Steam – A New Era of Hack-and-Slash Survival from KRAFTON and Flyway Games!

  • Date2024. 01. 31

Flyway Games, a dynamic creative studio within the KRAFTON family, has announced the launch of Trinity Survivors on Steam as an Early Access title. This survival rogue-lite game features single and co-op gameplay, hack and slash combat, six playable characters, and high-quality cartoon-style artwork.

In Trinity Survivors, players embark on a thrilling adventure, controlling a trio of distinct characters simultaneously to fend off relentless monster hordes. Each character has a unique leader skill, challenging players to strategically harness these abilities for survival and stage progression. The game evolves with players acquiring new skills, items, and growth elements, which must be cleverly combined to navigate through the stages effectively.

Trinity Survivors features a visually striking cartoon-style aesthetic, highlighted by a variety of effects when monsters are defeated using different skills. The game also offers a co-op multiplayer mode, allowing two players to join forces, tackle higher difficulty levels, and compete against players globally through an integrated ranking board system.

As the debut game from Flyway Games, established in 2023 as KRAFTON’s 12th creative studio, Trinity Survivors represents the studio’s commitment to quickly delivering innovative gaming experiences. Flyway Games aims to transcend genre boundaries and is designed to offer players not just action-packed gameplay but also a sense of cooperation and competition with others, setting the stage for the next generation of survival games.

Trinity Survivors is now available for download on Steam, supporting English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. For more details, please visit the Steam store page.

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