• Date2022. 04. 07

The update will also introduce a new weapon, launch a new ranked season, make balance updates to Tactical Gear and more

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – April 6, 2022 – When the latest update for KRAFTON, Inc.’s PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS releases on April 13 for PC and April 21 for consoles, players will be able to jump into familiar territory as the original design for the Sanhok map returns with changes made to the overgrown paradise map. In addition to the return of Sanhok’s original glory, the 17.1 Update will introduce the ACE32 weapon, a new ranked season, balancing changes to the Tactical Pack and more.

Please see below for an overview of Update 17.1. For more information, please view the full patch notes HERE. Survivors who want to preview the new content can do so today on the PC Test Server.

  • Sanhok Returns to its Original Form: As previously mentioned in the 2022 Dev Plan, Sanhok is returning to its original appearance with Bootcamp’s lobster-shaped building, Docks, Ruins, Quarry and the original jungle theme all coming back to the map. Taking community sentiment into account after the map’s update in 2020, the team decided to rework much of Sanhok, helping bring it more in-line with the original map by removing the Loot Truck, Decoy Grenade and Jammer Pack.
  • New Ranked Season: Update 17.1 introduces a new ranked season, meaning all rewards earned during the Ranked Season 16 will be automatically added to players’ inventory once the Ranked Season 17 begins. Once Season 17 is over and the server undergoes maintenance, every reward but the Parachute Skin will be removed from the inventory.
  • New Weapon – ACE32: Another 7.62mm weapon joins the fold in 17.1! With the current AR weapon pool lacking in 7.62mm weapons vs 5.56mm, the low-recoil ACE32 will be easier to tame than the Beryl M762. The latest weapon will be available for players across all maps.
  • Tactical Gear Adjustments: With 17.1, the Tactical Pack will no longer be able to store other Tactical Gear (Drone, EMT Gear and Spotter Scope).

More information on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is available at and on official social media channels: YouTubeTwitterInstagramFacebookTwitchTikTok.

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