• Date2022. 03. 24

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – March 24, 2022 – PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 16.2 is out now on all platforms. The latest update introduces new Tactical Gear, a new Survivor Pass, Normal Match map rotations and more!

Full patch notes and breakdowns of the new Tactical Gear can be found HERE, along with the recent patch report video HERE.

For an overview of each new feature, please see below:

  • Survivor Pass – Punk Wave: The next Survivor Pass: Punk Wave is finally here (with a better UI appearance too)! Turn into the punkiest star on the Battlegrounds by completing missions and collecting rewards. We’ve also made some balance adjustments and general UI/UX enhancements for an even better Survivor Pass experience:
    • To differentiate the XP of Survival Mastery/Weapon Mastery with the Survivor Pass XP, the Survivor Pass XP will now be referred as Pass XP.
    • Maximum playtime to earn Pass XP per day: 6 hours → 8 hours
    • Maximum Pass XP obtainable per day: 7200 Pass XP → 9600 Pass XP
      • This does not affect the Pass XP rewards obtained from missions.
  • New Tactical Gear: Update 16.2 kicks off with new Tactical Gear, the Tactical Pack and Spotter Scope!
    • The Tactical Pack allows players to store almost any type of item and come up with all kinds of new and unique play styles not previously seen in the game.
    • The Spotter Scope is a new mid-range scouting Tactical Gear that’s a special set of binoculars! It will help players spy and mark opposing competitors while also allowing for non-verbal communication with their squad!
  • Map Service Plan: With 16.2, map rotations will see an adjustment as Sanhok will be replaced with Haven in this update’s rotation for Normal Matches. Prepare to battle newly-added bots, enemy players and the Pillar in the return of the industrial island, Haven!
    • Normal Match
      • Erangel/Miramar/Taego/Karakin/Haven
    • Ranked Match
      • Erangel/Miramar/Taego
  • PUBG 5th Anniversary: Players can now see several fifth anniversary decorations throughout Erangel and Taego in Normal Matches, as well as a special PUBG 5th Anniversary BGM in the main lobby. Stay tuned for more anniversary announcements detailing upcoming events, perks and more!
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