• Date2023. 06. 15

The New Studio Specializes in Deep Learning Game Development, Set to Launch Mobile Version of FOONDA: AI Puzzle in Q3 2023

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – June 15, 2023 – KRAFTON, Inc., the South Korean company and publisher of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and The Callisto Protocol, proudly announced the formation of ReLU Games, an independent studio, on June 1. The new venture will be helmed by MJ Kim, the former leader of KRAFTON’s Special Project 2, and will serve as KRAFTON’s 11th independent studio.

The vision for ReLU Games, rooted in KRAFTON’s 2020-initiated in-house incubation program “Special Project II,” is to focus on the integration of deep learning technology with captivating gameplay. The studio intends to harness the deep learning-based game production knowledge and creative insights amassed from Special Project II’s three-year tenure.

ReLU Games’ debut offering, FOONDA: AI Puzzle, promises a highly individualized puzzle experience, achieved by using deep learning technology to generate unique puzzle stages. The mobile version of FOONDA: AI Puzzle is slated for a Q3 2023 release. Alongside this, ReLU Games plans to explore the application of deep learning in gaming further, spearheading projects like Project Orchestra, which employs speech recognition technology.

ReLU is a renowned activation function employed in artificial neural networks that simplifies intricate patterns and outputs a zero for negative input values. ReLU Games embodies the pursuit of challenge and innovation, symbolizing resilience that transforms the experience of failure, or a negative number, into learning opportunities. KRAFTON wholly owns ReLU Games as an independent studio.

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