• Date2022. 09. 22

Available now on Android and iOS, this update includes a new McLaren Automotive collaboration, the continuation of NEW STATE Labs and more

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Sept. 23, 2022 – KRAFTON, Inc. today announced that the September Update for NEW STATE MOBILE is live on Android and iOS. NEW STATE MOBILE’s newest 4x4km map, AKINTA, is officially live for players to drop into and experience. Along with AKINTA, which is based in a futuristic African setting, the September Update brings a new collaboration with McLaren Automotive, an extension period to NEW STATE Labs, a new weapon and more.

See below for a full rundown of the major features added to the game with the September Update. The full September Update patch notes are available HERE.

  • Experience the future in AKINTA: Following its success and well-received feedback in NEW STATE Labs, AKINTA is officially live in NEW STATE MOBILE! AKINTA is designed as a 4x4km map and set in a near-future, folksy African landscape. Up to 64 players can drop into AKINTA and engage in an action-packed battle royale round that will last up to 15 minutes per match. Players can also take advantage of the maglev tram, a new travel mechanic that will go through the center of the map.
  • McLaren Automotive Arrives in Style: The new collaboration is underway with McLaren Automotive. The British supercar manufacturer is arriving to NEW STATE MOBILE in style with a slew of cosmetic items for players to obtain including an outfit, helmet, backpack, gloves, hat, sneakers, mask and patch. Additionally, survivors can participate in an event where players can obtain the McLaren 720S vehicle skin if they complete the mission objective. The vehicle skin colors include Volcano Yellow, Paris Blue, Royal Purple, Fever Pink, and Black and White.
  • NEW STATE Labs Continues Experimentations: The NEW STATE Labs period has been extended for players to continue experimenting with the Akinta: Bounty Royale mode. With the September Update, NEW STATE Labs is open for all players to experience without needing an invitation to participate.
  • Meet The 7mm AK ALFA: The September Update introduces the AK ALFA, a new 7mm weapon. The AK ALFA will be available across the map as a field drop weapon and can be modified with other attachments including a scope, front grip and magazine.

NEW STATE MOBILE’s August Update is playable now for Android and iOS users. For information about NEW STATE MOBILE, please visit or follow on social media at TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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