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Sustainable growth is the mission of a 2023 strategy built around securing a deeper portfolio of games through key investments in tech, publishing capabilities, and operations.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – JAN. 23, 2022 – KRAFTON, Inc., the South Korea-based publisher of the PUBG franchise and The Callisto Protocol, recently shared its 2023 strategic direction with employees during a KRAFTON LIVE TALK (KLT), a global live-streamed discussion the company uses to promote strong internal communications. The key items highlighted during January’s KLT were the company’s commitment to driving sustainable growth and strengthening its publishing capabilities globally.“We remain steadfast in our ultimate vision to secure and expand powerful game-based IPs,” said CH Kim, CEO of KRAFTON. “To achieve this, now is the time to concentrate our capabilities in 2023 and emphasize our need to innovate and focus organizational capabilities, strengthen our publishing capabilities and systems, and continue investing in the future.”

More games, new publish strategies

Kim outlined a number of steps meant to meet the goal of strengthening KRAFTON’s publishing capabilities by nurturing a robust and compelling pipeline of new games. In 2023, the company will realign the structure of its internal publishing operation and work to improve the processes that guide how it works with and manages independent studios.
KRAFTON will also prioritize seeking out second-party publishing opportunities that could bolster its existing lineup of games and drive expanded equity investments in external developers.

Shaping the future of games

KRAFTON will also continue its investment in developing technology spaces that are poised to reshape gaming in the years ahead, including web3 and deep learning. Kim emphasized during the KLT that “growth in these areas cannot be guaranteed without investment, and that it is worth advancing into these technology verticals as they are closely related to game production technology, which is one of KRAFTON’s core competencies.”

The road to sustainable growth

Following KRAFTON’s IPO in 2021, the company has focused on expanding media and platforms centered on the PUBG IP, as well as deepening investments in new businesses such as deep learning and AI. The aim for 2023 is to solidify the company’s operational foundation to perpetuate sustained growth. While PUBG will continue to be a major priority for KRAFTON, the company’s efforts in 2023 to develop a deeper catalogue of titles and stay ahead of rapid advances in tech will drive new processes and internal efficiencies toward essential growth.

“The global economy is in recession this year but this also gives us an opportunity to build an efficient organization,” added CH Kim. “We’ll make every effort to further bolster KRAFTON’s organizational capabilities and reinforce the publishing business in order to achieve our desired financial objectives.”

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