• Date2024. 04. 30

Anticipated Life Simulation Game inZOI Reveals New Features in Development Roadmap Video

KRAFTON commits to active communication with its global fans ahead of inZOI’s early access release

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 30 April, 2024 KRAFTON, Inc. has revealed the 2024 development roadmap for its upcoming life simulation game inZOI. In a new video, inZOI Producer and Director Hyungjun ‘Kjun’ Kim showcases the game’s development direction, key features, and the development process.

inZOI is a life simulation game where the player has full control, allowing them to alter any aspect of their world to create their own unique stories and experiences.

New features currently under development were unveiled for the first time, including:

  • Cars that the game character ‘Zoi’ can drive or ride.
  • Group Activities for players to enjoy daily life together.
  • Reputation (Karma) where past actions influence future life.
  • City Edit for controlling urban billboards, weather, and cleanliness.
  • A Studio to create and reimagine specific scenarios.
  • A Photo Mode for high-resolution screenshots.

A key aspect of inZOI’s development focus is ‘communication with users’, with KRAFTON planning to actively incorporate user feedback into the game development prior to its early access release.

KRAFTON also revealed that it is working on plugins to encourage easier mod creation and artistic expression from players. inZOI ultimately aims to serve as a tool for creativity, with players able share and discuss their creations through the in-game Canvas.

“Since the first trailer was released last year, we have felt the immense interest from global fans towards inZOI,” Said Hyungjun ‘Kjun’ Kim, Producer and Director on inZOI. “Please continue to provide us with honest and diverse feedback through our Discord and SNS channels.”

The second part of the roadmap video is set to release in May and will feature fan questions from Discord, which will be introduced by the community manager and answered by the producer. Having opened the official inZOI Discord channel in February, and recently launched an official website and YouTube channel, inZOI is committed to continuing active communication with global fans awaiting its release.

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