• Date2022. 06. 08

The real-time PvP action game also brings a new mode, Credit Hot Time Event and more

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – June 8, 2022 – 5minlab, an independent studio owned by KRAFTON Inc., announced that their real-time PvP action game SMASH LEGENDS received an update that went live on June 7. The update introduced the 27th Legend named Molly, a new game mode called Team Touchdown, an event that offers double credits during specific timing and more.

See below for a breakdown of major additions that are live in SMASH LEGENDS’ June update:

  • Team Touchdown Mode – SMASH LEGENDS’ latest update brings a new mode called Team Touchdown. Team Touchdown is a reimagined version of Escort mode, previously available in Arena Lab. In the latest mode, the team that gets the escorted target to the destination before the opposing team is crowned the winner. Due to popular demand from Smashers, the mode has been formally added into the game for players to test their skills and compete at any time.
  • Molly, The Lonesome Huntress – Molly is the 27th Legend to join the ranks of SMASH LEGENDS. Don’t take this Legend lightly as she’s a lonesome huntress of the jungle and utilizes gauntlets to deal heavy blows to enemies, along with unique melee skills and counterattack abilities. Smashers can purchase Molly in the store using credits or gems, and a special quest will activate upon the purchase that offers limited-time effects and emojis as rewards for completing the quest.
  • Game Mode Rotation – The June update also introduces four new modes that will rotate on a weekly basis. Starting on June 7, Duo Touchdown will be released. Throughout the rest of the month, a new mode will be released every Tuesday, which will include Runaway Train, Bomb War and Mine Laboratory. In addition to these four modes, a special rule set will be added to modes such as Team Deathmatch to introduce a new dimension of fun.
  • Credit Hot Time Event – A new event comes to SMASH LEGENDS as part of the game’s June update. The Credit Hot Time Event will offer double credits when playing the game during certain hours throughout the month of June. Smashers can earn extra credit for 24 hours each week for a total of 96 hours over the course of June. Make sure to hop into the game to earn double credit during the first week from June 10 at 7 a.m. PDT through June 11 at 7 a.m. PDT. Please see below for a detailed schedule of the event’s timing:
Week Date (CEST)
Week 1 June 10 (Fri) 09:00 – June 11 (Sat) 09:00
Week 2 June 15 (Wed) 09:00 – June 16 (Thu) 09:00
Week 3 June 24 (Fri) 09:00 – June 25 (Sat) 09:00
Week 4 June 29 (Wed) 09:00 – June 30 (Thu) 09:00
As a real-time PvP action game, SMASH LEGENDS offers quick matches with short play times and intuitive controls, contributing to more than 5.5 million downloads worldwide. The game offers 27 charming characters (called Legends) based on unique interpretations of popular fairy tales, four modes (Dominion, Battle Royale, Duel, Competitive Match) and supports cross-play on both mobile and PC (Steam) devices as a multiplatform title.

For more information about SMASH LEGENDS and the June update, please visit and follow the game on social media (Twitter | Facebook | Discord YouTube).

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