PUBG and Street Fighter 6 unite as Survivor Summerfest Launches in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

  • Date2023. 07. 13

Get ready to dive into a scorching lineup of exciting new PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDScontent and events, including a big Street Fighter 6 collaboration and our new and returning non-Battle Royale modes in PUBG Arcade thanks to PUBG Survivor Summerfest.

Street Fighter 6 x PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

Later in July, fighting game fans can look forward to seeing a familiar lineup of notable newcomers join our roster of character skins. A new PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS collaboration with CAPCOM’s fighting game, Street Fighter 6 will introduce some of the game’s most iconic fighters to our gripping battle royale matches, including Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke, and Cammy. These Street Fighter 6-themed items will be available to purchase for all players from July 26 to September 20.

PUBG Survivor Summerfest Prizes

Led by an exciting lineup of events and in-game happenings, PUBG Survivor Summerfest offers everyone in the community a chance to win in-game and real-world prizes by participating in a series of missions. It all starts with the Summer Mission Event hub website, which will be regularly updated throughout the summer with new in-game tasks for players to complete. Clearing these objectives earns you Summer Stamps, which you’ll need to have a chance at being one of the randomly selected winners who will receive rewards like a new summer-themed nameplate, in-game premium currency G-COIN, and a high-end gaming PC. PUBG Survivor Summerfest ends on September 13, so there’s plenty of time to dive in and start earning those stamps.

Bluebomb Rush Mode Debuts via Overhauled PUBG Arcade

PUBG Arcade saw a major overhaul in July’s 24.2 update, with specialized game modes like Intense Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch joined by a new Bluebomb Rush. The new and improved Arcade will also be our home for previous and future LABS modes, where new game modes will be tested alongside the PUBG community. And now with the addition of the Arcade Point (AP) system, Survivors who brave these different ways to play PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can expect to earn some unique new in-game rewards.

Special Drop Events

Special Drop events are also coming as part of our sprawling summer update. Players will have the opportunity to earn rewards such as the Street Fighter 6-themed Helmet (Level 3), emote, Hunter’s Chest, Contraband Coupons to open crates for weapon skins, and more prizes through in-game events like Summer Splash Bingo, Midsummer Check-in offering rewards for logging in, and the Battle Street event mission where kills are hand-to-hand.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 24.2 is live today on PC and July 20 for consoles. More information on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is available at and on official social media channels: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,Twitch and TikTok. Further assets and press releases are available on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS press room.

See the PUBG SURVIVOR SUMMERFEST trailer here:

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