PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Adds Destructible Terrain with Update 29.1

  • Date2024. 04. 10

Update also introduces collaboration with Italian premium motorcycle brand ‘Ducati’


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 9 April, 2024KRAFTON, Inc. has announced that PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS update 29.1 is now available on the PC live server. The update includes destructible terrain, the new Ducati collaboration, a new melee weapon and various in-game balance improvements.

Destructible Terrain:
With this update, the ‘Destructible Terrain’ feature announced in the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 2024 Roadmap has been introduced to Rondo, allowing players to destroy terrain when engaging in battles in open areas to create cover and new attack routes. Terrain can be destroyed with the newly added melee weapon ‘Pickaxe’, some throwables, and vehicle explosions.

Ducati Collaboration:
Collaboration with the Italian premium motorcycle brand ‘Ducati’ is also underway. Through this collaboration, players can earn various collaboration goods, including Ducati Special Vehicle skins, in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Special Vehicle skins can be obtained by collecting ‘Ducati Tokens’ available through ‘Step Up Package’ and ‘Loot Cache Packs’, available for sale from 9 April to 8 May on PC and from 18 April to 16 May on consoles.

Rondo Updates:
Rondo has been added to ranked play and improved overall, with reductions in frequency of the EMP Zone, which disables most electronic devices within its reach. The number of Emergency Cover airdrops deployed when using the Emergency Cover Flare has been reduced from 3 to 2, and the size has been slightly decreased. In addition, improvements have been made to In-Game Challenges and some of the terrain, objects, and environmental elements within Rondo.

General Improvements:
In update 29.1, balance adjustments have been made to some weapons such as SCAR-L, AKM, Panzerfaust, and Mk12. The update also includes improvements in bot movement and behavior patterns, the addition of Mastery Medals, and the release of ‘Survivor Pass: Comic Chaos’.

Check out the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 29.1 Update Trailer here:

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