PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Introduces ‘Erangel Classic’ Map

  • Date2024. 05. 14

– The map provides a familiar gameplay experience and will be available until 28 May
– Introducing the Win Streak Showdown, a new system that offers squads victory beyond the Chicken Dinner

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 14 May, 2024 – KRAFTON, Inc. has launched the Erangel Classic map in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS as part of update 29.2.

Erangel Classic is a limited-time map that will be available for two weeks and is designed for players who are nostalgic for the earlier versions of our first battleground. It combines the original concept and atmosphere of the old Erangel map with some of our current game mechanics to let players experience the classic map in a new way.

To help match the gameplay players first experienced on Erangel, we’ve reduced the recoil of firearms by as much as 30%. The weapon pool and all other specs remain unchanged, and the effectiveness of all armor has been increased by 7.5%, increasing the number of shots needed to down a foe by one. We’ve also reintroduced some nostalgic items to Erangel, so survivors can find the level three helmet and 17 classic skins scattered across the map, and using a Flare Gun will now call down a bulletproof UAZ instead of a BRDM. Finally, some of the in-game UI, such as the world map, minimap, and match start timer, have been reverted to their old versions from the early days. Erangel Classic will be available on PC from 14 May to 28 May, and on consoles from 23 May to 6 June.

The Zipline Gun has been added to Rondo, allowing players to deploy a zipline between any two points for quicker navigation. Now, locations that were previously difficult to reach can now be infiltrated and ambushed via a zipline deployed at the player’s chosen spot. The Zipline Gun will provide players with new strategic options in Rondo, rewarding them for their knowledge of each area and making each trip to the battleground unique.   The Zipline Gun is available in Normal Match and Custom Match, and each installed zipline can be used up to four times.

The Win Streak Showdown has been introduced to add new objectives and tension to every match. This system allows premade teams in Normal Match to compete against each other, determining the winners based on the sum of players’ Kill points and Placement points earned from the match. Winning consecutive showdowns will grant rewards, and placing first in the same match grants Perfect Match rewards. This system is designed to give players a novel form of achievement beyond the Chicken Dinner and allow for more victors in each match.

Additional updates include the introduction of a new map, Liana, in Arcade Team Deathmatch, the change from Team Emote to Group Emote, general issue fixes for the Karakin and Vikendi maps, and the launch of the Survivor Pass: Off the Grid.

For the launch of Erangel Classic, players can anticipate a series of thrilling tournaments and events. The festivities will kick off with the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS OG Battle Royale on Twitch Rivals. On Friday, 17 May, top PUBG streamers will be battling for a share of the $100,000 prize pool, while players can receive event exclusive Twitch Drops. More information about the Twitch Rivals event can be found at

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